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Rajasthan Caste Income Certificate
Get Status Slip Caste,Income,Domicile,Birth.. Certificate Verification Here (जाति, आय, अधिवास, जन्म प्रमाणपत्र .. सत्यापित करें और स्लिप डाउनलोड करें)
Rajasthan Caste Document: Jati Praman Patra A caste certificate is a legally binding document that attests to a person's membership in a specific caste, community, and faith. To use any of the government-provided services, residents of Rajasthan must have a caste document. Caste certificates are necessary in particular for members of the reserved category (SC, ST, or OBC) to prove their candidature. This article examines the process for getting a caste certificate in Rajasthan.
Caste Certificate Benefits
As was previously stated, caste credentials primarily assist members of reserved groups, such as scheduled castes, tribes, or other backward classes, in receiving the following benefits:
  1. to obtain legislative place reservations
  2. to be granted a ticket for government employment
  3. the elimination of all or a portion of the admissions fees for institutions and universities
  4. In order to fulfil quotas at educational organisations
  5. to obtain upper age restrictions for applying to particular positions
  6. application for grants
  7. in order to receive government funding
  8. for enrolling government-provided programmes
A resident of Rajasthan who belongs to the SC, ST, or BC category must have a current Rajasthan caste certificate in order to take advantage of these benefits.
To apply, go to the e-Mitra Center
Below is a detailed explanation of the tribe certificate application process through Rajasthan's e-Mitra Center:
  1. Visit the closest e-Mitra Center as the first step.
  2. At the e-Mitra Center, the applicant must submit an online request for a caste document.
  3. Hand over all necessary paperwork to the e-Mitra Center representative (as stated above). The relevant authority will receive the request for a caste certificate.
    • Note: The e-Mitra operator will print the applicant's number on the receipt, and the applicant will also receive SMS to the registered cell number and mail to the registered email address. The application's development will also be informed via SMS.
  4. The request for a caste certificate is processed by the relevant agency, and after a successful verification, the caste certificate is issued by the designated government official.
  5. An SMS will be sent following the reading of the applicant's income document. Visit any location again.
  6. Give the e-Mitra service facility representative your application number so they can print a copy of your Rajasthan certificate for you. It can be utilised for all of the aforementioned uses.
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FAQ's of Rajasthan Caste Income Certificate

In-Person Submission The applicant must visit the appropriate Tehsil, Revenue, Block, or "department of welfare for backward classes" location, as relevant Link, to obtain a caste validity certificate. The responsible officer will give the applicant an application form.

Click on above Download Certificate Button.
Enter Transition ID
Enter Aadhar No
Click on Get Details
Now Download Your Certificate.

The state administration of Rajasthan has simplified the caste certificate application process for residents by using an online portal. Online and manual applications for Rajasthan Caste Certificates are accepted from classes (SC, ST, or OBC).

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