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AP Marriage Certificate Apply
A.P New Marriage Registration Here (यहाँ आंध्रप्रदेश न्यू मैरिज रजिस्ट्रेशन पंजीकरण करें) | ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ కొత్త వివాహ నమోదు రిజిస్టర్ ఇక్కడ
In Andhra Pradesh, the process for registering marriages The marriage registration certificate is regarded as a crucial legal document that must be shown to demonstrate the legitimacy of the union in a number of situations. This article examines how to acquire an Andhra Pradesh marriage registration certificate.
How to Apply for a Certificate of Marriage Registration According to the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, those who wish to register their marriage must do so with one of the following authorities:
  1. to the Sub-registrar Office, which is where the wedding will take place.
  2. either the wife or the husband must have lived in the sub-registrar office's jurisdiction for at least six months prior to the wedding.
  3. Choice for an online certificate of marriage registration:
  4. The municipal corporation department or the department of registration and stamps' official website will both have access to the application form for marriage registration.
  5. You must first click on the Acts and Regulations page, then the Hindu Marriage Act, and finally the Forms option in order to download the application form.
  6. It's vital to take a printout of the application form, which is accessible for download.
  7. After that, complete the applicable application form with all the bride and groom's pertinent information.
  8. All information provided on the application form must be honest and accurate in every way.
  9. You must attach all supporting documentation to the application form after filling out the form completely.
  10. On the top of the application form, place pictures of the bride and the groom.
  11. Finally, the application form and statement must be signed by the bride and the groom in the presence of three witnesses.
  12. Finally, turn in the application to the concerned division.

Documents Necessary The applicant must attach the whole required document while submitting the marriage registration form. The required paperwork is listed below:
  1. A copy of a document proving the address of both the bride and the groom, such as a passport, PAN card, birth certificate, driver's licence, ration card, or utility bill.
  2. A copy of the birth certificate or the diploma from high school for the bride and the groom, which serves as proof of age.
  3. There are three pictures that include both the bride and the groom.
  4. An invitation to a wedding.
  5. A copy of the husband's and wife's SSC certificates.
  6. A form A application.

Need for Information The following information is required to apply for registration of a marriage under the conditions of the Hindu Marriage Act:
  1. Parties' full names (Both Husband and Wife)
  2. Religion and party caste (Both Husband and Wife)
  3. Age at marriage solemnization (Both Husband and Wife)
  4. The profession's position (Both Husband and Wife)
  5. Before getting married, specifics of permanent address (Both Husband and Wife)
  6. The birthdate (Both Husband and Wife)
  7. The location of the taluk and district where the marriage was celebrated
  8. Marriage date
  9. Father's first name (Both Husband and Wife)
  10. The mother's name (Both Husband and Wife)
  11. listing of witnesses
  12. Address of the witness
According to the Hindu Marriage Act, a marriage certificate must be issued and processed within a week, and all processes may take up to a week to complete.
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FAQ's of AP Marriage Certificate Apply

You can get the application form from municipal corporation department or You can download the application form from the official website http://registration.ap.gov.in/. To download the form, you need to click on Acts and Rules –> Hindu Marriage –> Forms –>Application form.

The applicant has to click the “Online Service” and then click “Marriage registration” followed by click “Reissue Marriage Registration”. Enter and select the details and click the “Search” button. The applicant has to view the details. Also, click the “Download” button to download the certificate

The issuing and processing time of marriage certificate under the terms of the Hindu Marriage Act is one week; it can take a week for the completion of all processes.

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